Magazine & Report Graphics

Various spreads created for magazines and reports.

Data Visualisation & Print
WIRED Magazine
Data visualisation spreads from WIRED's Infoporn section. The first explores the most unstable cities around the world, while the second maps the point where people used Shazam to identify the most popular songs of Q3 2016. Completed while at Signal Noise.
Cedars Senai
Spread in Cedars Senai magazine exploring the history of medicine. Completed while at Signal Noise.
RB Annual Report
Proposed spreads detailing the company's social investment activities. Completed while at Signal Noise.
FIAF Report
Two spreads from the FIAF 2016 report detailing the risks and challenged facing the motor industry.

Other projects:

A Freelance Working Week
Data Visualisation
The Times
Advertising & Design
Swan Golf Designs
Mars Principles in Action Summary 2016
Editorial Design & Illustration
450 Years of Space Discovery
Data Visualisation
The Data Double
Data Visualisation
Understanding Society Report
Editorial Design
60 Years
Data Visualisation
The Big Bang Machine
Data Visualisation
Tunnel Vision
Data Visualisation
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