HIDDEN Cocktails are based on the idea of the secret speakeasies of 1930s prohibition America and their vibrant nightlife. The name HIDDEN conveys this perfectly, and the identity is heavily based around the detailed, geometric shapes and patterns seen in Art Deco. Each cocktail in the range has their own colour variant of the logo. Each cocktail takes on the personality of one of the stereotypical prohibition characters based on its name and taste, and reflects this in the design and typography. The White lady becomes a seductive flapper girl, the last work a tenacious villian, and the 12 mile limit a rich, crooked politician. To emphasise the idea of the characters’ glamorous night lives, the bottles would be over printed with UV sensitive ink, allowing them to glow when placed under a blacklight, which is synonymous with nightlife. This would also reveal elegant details around the bottle.

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